The Hopewell Valley YMCA Responds to Needs of Community During the COVID-19 (Coroavirus) Epidemic

As you are aware, Hopewell Valley School District will be closing all schools at least until March 29.  With this news comes a need for families to make swift and significant adjustments to childcare.  While many businesses and organizations are making accommodations for employees to work from home or take leave we understand that this is not possible for all of the families in our community, especially families of our first responders, essential government employees and those in health care.

We want to assure you that the Hopewell Valley YMCA continues to serve our community in support of families.  We understand that for some of you, finding childcare during the weeks ahead will be challenging if not impossible.  After collaborating with the school district, the health department and local physicians the Hopewell Valley YMCA plans to offer child-care at Stony Brook Elementary School during school closures for families in our community to meet as much of this need as possible.

The health of your children and our staff remain of paramount concern and will be addressed through protocols that call for small groups, plenty of access to fresh air and the outdoors and access to nursing staff, in addition to vigorous disinfection standards, social distancing and hand-washing.  We will continue to adjust our schedule and protocols as the situation evolves, through regular collaboration with the district, our health department, state officials and our physician advisors.

If you plan to make use of this child-care or believe that you may need to, please contact us so that we may plan for staffing and prepare activities for the children.  Please include your expected schedule of hours between our normal 7:00AM -6:30PM. Simply send email to only if you need to have care provided.  We realize that some people may not know yet as decisions are being made day by day and will continue to work with you to find solutions whenever possible. Please also know that we are limited in the number of students in the Emergency child-care program that we may accommodate and ask for your cooperation and understanding if the program has to be limited or adjusted as the situation evolves.

As per health department guidelines, groups will be no larger than 25 including staff and rooms will be disinfected between group uses.  This will limit the capacity of families that we are able to serve.  If we get a response of need greater than we can accommodate, we will prioritize families with essential personnel until we are able to find a solution that offers greater accommodation.



In keeping with safety as our number one priority, all HVYMCA programs will be postponed until further notice, which includes all after School Enrichment Programs, March Mania Basketball Tournament, Special Olympics, Youth Activity Center and all evening programs


Staying Physically and Emotionally Healthy at Home



The Hopewell Valley YMCA and YUSA have teamed up with MOSSA Move to provide our members with an opportunity to get moving and stay fit, from the comfort of your own home.  MOSSA MOVE, provides members with different video training options to help meet the different needs and home gym setups that members will experience. Some of the categories offered are MOSSA Active, MOSSA Groove, MOSSA Centergy, MOSSA Power and many more. The videos are designed to challenge the beginner through advanced skill levels and each video has 3 instructors who are demonstrating different variations of each activity.

By clicking on the following link, members may sign up for a FREE custom 60 day trial of the program.



GoNoodle provides our students and kids with the opportunity to get up and moving through the power of movement to improve student performance. GoNoodle engages the students through follow-along videos, that are interactive and gets your kids moving, grooving and having fun.

Families can access different categories such as curricular, mindfulness, motor skills, school life and movement types, to provide different options and fun to keep your kids engaged. GoNoodle is FREE to use and provides the opportunity to make memories and fun of any situation.

We know that these are uncertain times, but it in times of trial that communities are strengthened.  We have been heartened by the response of Hopewell Valley community leaders, neighbors and friends as we come together to face an unprecedented challenge.



ABCya provides educational games and activities for students to engage in on a daily basis, to further their learning and growth. ABCya’s games and activities are categoriezed by grade levels from Pre-K through 6+, which helps to educate all different levels and keep them engaged.  ABCya has different plan tiers which vary from free to paid. This provides families with different opportunities and flexibility to find plans that suit your families needs.


MOSSA Move and GoNoodle are available via online and in the app stores (Apple and Google) and ABCya is available on all platforms as well, however, for ABCya there may be limitations depending on the plan selected.

All three options provide flexibility for all families and we hope you are able to take advantage of these opportunities.


In the coming days, Hopewell Valley YMCA will continue to explore ways that we can provide support and assistance to the community.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Stay well,

Your Hopewell Valley YMCA “Family”