Preschool Intro to Sports

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Give your little one an introduction to sports in a non-competitive, energetic atmosphere.

Pre-School Intro to Sports, Ages 3-5

This class encourages healthy habits and a positive attitude towards physical activities. Sports include: soccer, basketball, T-ball, kickball and more!!! Participants should wear comfortable clothing and sneakers, and bring a water bottle.

Each session will have a focus on at least 2 main sports. By focusing on sport specific sessions, it will allow participants to develop a love for the sport and develop individual skills, as well as enhance their team play. Each following session, will build upon the previous session, but players may start in any session.

Fall I: Sports Focus – T-Ball, Soccer
Fall II: Sports Focus – Soccer, Basketball
Winter: Basketball, Parachute/Relays/Team Activities
Spring I: Sports Focus – Sports Medley
Spring II: Sports Focus – Soccer, T-Ball

Spring Session 2:
Dates: April 29 – June 16, 2018
Day: Wednesdays
Time: 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm OR 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Fee: $110
Location: Admin Gym



  • Learn the fundamentals and develop motor skills associated with the game of soccer
  • Passing, shooting, and dribbling are demonstrated and practiced
  • Emphasis on NO HANDS
  • Scrimmages are often played for the children to recognize and use their learned skills


  • Demonstrate passing, shooting and dribbling; followed by a scrimmage with the participants split into teams!
  • Previous skills learned are encouraged to be used during scrimmages for an interactive, fast pace play!
  • Ball control is emphasized
  • Focus on developing skills and individual and team play


  • Introduce baseball at a less competitive, more fun level
  • Teaching of catching, fielding, throwing and batting
  • Emphasis on skills training and base running/general game rules
  • Demonstration and practice of all skills
  • Children may bring gloves


  • Teach and discuss rules of kickball
  • Practice and understand base running
  • Use kicking skills learned in soccer and catching skills learned in t ball
  • Followed by a non competitive, fun game of kickball with the children split into teams
  • Every class starts with a warm up/stretch session and ends with a fun, exciting children’s game to end with positive energy and adequate participation. Each child receives a sticker after every class for their hard work, cooperation, and dedication!

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