Over Memorial Day Weekend, May 22 -25, New Jersey and Pennsylvania YMCA’s will
partner together to host a Virtual 5K and Family 1 mile walk/run.
Since this is a virtual race, you decide when and where you complete your race. Have a treadmill at
home? Great! Enjoy the feel of the road under your feet? Awesome! Take it to the streets! Whether you’re
training for another race or just want to get moving, you can choose the distance and the method.

The Virtual Race is FREE! Donations to your YMCA are encouraged so we may continue providing
critical services to our community during this time.
Registration Information:
• Registration will be accepted through Monday, May 25.
• E-mails will go out prior to May 22 to send you the link to enter your times
• Times will need to be uploaded by Friday, May 29

Proceeds will benefit the YMCA Stay With Us Campaign – Your YMCA membership always has been
about more than access to a building. It is about making connections and building relationships. It’s about
ensuring everyone—no matter who they are or where they come from—gets the support they need to
reach their full potential. It’s about making your contribution to a stronger community. And we need that
contribution more than ever right now.
We are committed to being there for you and our community when the tough work of recovery begins.
In the meantime, we need you to be there for us—to help us deliver emergency services, support our
wonderful staff and sustain our organization so we’re able to jump back into action when the time comes.
So please, stay with us. Please continue supporting the YMCA!


Need a training plan to get up and running in time for the race? Click here for a 4week Virtual 5K training plan.


We ask that as you run and start to prepare for the race, upload pics to your social media and use the tag #YIRUN